Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A rainbow, a river and the rain

We went on a camping trip a week ago at Lorne, along the Great Ocean Road.  There are times when I yearn to be out of the city, at the very least be amongst the vast landscape, with scenic hills, grass and trees, and water... and Lorne has bits of these.  The 2 hour roadtrip to Lorne was as much enjoyable as being there in Lorne itself.  The weekend that we went it was expected to rain - but we went anyway.  Yes, it was drizzling most of the times, but the rain on that Friday afternoon brought out a beautiful rainbow.  And if I'm seeing this correctly, there was another rainbow there as well.

Despite the rain, I think all of us that went truly enjoyed being there... setting up the tents in the rain, cooked and ate in the 'undecided' weather pattern of rain and shine alternating like very five minutes, and we made sure we made the best of it all.  With hot drinks, hot food, chairs and mats, umbrellas and raincoats, card and board games, and hanging out with great companies was all that we probably needed (and also the fact that I brought a long my laptop and we ended up watching a movie in the tent while it was raining and made caramel popcorn using the electric pan!).  And with all that, I am pretty sure everyone had a one-of-a-kind camping experience.

Even our breakfast was somewhat luxurious, don't you think? :)