Monday, January 9, 2012

366 Photo Project - Week #1

Happy 2012 :) For this year's "collection" project, I've decided to get on board with the daily photo project for a year.  For the past years, I have noticed others that have been doing this sort of project.  Some call them 365 Photo Project, Project 365, 365 Days and so forth.  Just right before the new year, while I was browsing my Google Reader, I came across an post about The 365 Photo Project by iheartfaces.  Excited and inspired, I started with my first shot the next day on 1 January 2012.  I only realised that we have 366 days this year when a friend pointed it out to me after my first upload (a reason why the first photo is tagged #365photoproject).

For my #366photoproject, I don't have any specific theme set for the daily photos, other than to retain the size of the photos to be all in a square shape, with a caption, day number and the date (gotta have at least one form of consistency in a collection), and to just shoot anything that captures my eyes.  Most of my photos up to this first week were taken using iPhone3GS, and they are uploaded daily on tumblr and Instagram.  Several friends on twitter and facebook have also joined in, so this is going to be fun :)

Here is Week 1 for my 366 Photo Project:

I'm already imagining a poster of 366 thumbnail photos at the end of the year, and then looking at each one trying to recall the story behind them ;)