Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Morning Walk-Jog-Photog

Photos | iPhone3GS, touched up in PS Express

My husband went out for a run this morning, and I decided to join in for a "walk-jog-and-photog" along the way.  The weather was quite nice, cool and breezy... and because it was about 10 am already, the sidewalks were pretty quiet as everyone else were probably at work (except for us because we decided to have a day off from going to work today).  What I truly enjoy about the neighbourhood here is how the sidewalks are well connected and how the houses and apartments vary in their design.  You'd be walking and passing by different facades, different walls and different gates.  There's a mixture of older and newer designs, of houses and of apartments, and the variation makes the neighbourhood an interesting one.  This is probably possible because the plot of lands are smaller, which are owned and developed by different owners and developers - as opposed to one developer owning a large plot of land and building houses that look alike.  The mixed development, rather than a cluster of similar types of building design, seems to give the neighbourhoods a richer character, at least as how I see and experience it.  I am definitely going to miss this neighbourhood... especially when the leaves and petals fall down to the sidewalks.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Gorgeous Friday Evening in Melbourne

This was how Friday evening went.  The weather was just gorgeous. The gentle warm breeze that is not too hot nor was it cold - perfect.  I've learned that when you get a weather like this in Melbourne, you just have to drop everything that you're doing, go outside and immerse yourself in it while it lasts.  As predictably inconsistent the Melbourne weather is, it's expected to shower the whole day today, which is Saturday.  We had a very early dinner at a fish & chippery, and opted to sit outdoors on the sidewalk as the weather was just way too nice to be sitting indoors.  It's amazing how the timber table and bench make eating so much pleasurable, of course, also contributed by colours of the green salad served with the grilled fish and brown rice.  After that, we walked to the park right next to the street.  It has truly been a while since I last sat in a park, and just sat there with my husband.  Trees around you.. the evening sun beaming through the leaves... poetic.  No wonder writers like to go into the woods and be near nature to find solace and peace.  Because for that moment, at least for that moment, there are much bigger things around you.  You get to slow down.  And you get to really breathe.

Photos from iPhone3GS edited via Camera+ and Instagram

Thursday, October 6, 2011

of walls and colours

Among the things that I enjoy observing in Melbourne are the walls
and the small features that create contrast to the walls.  They create character.

Taken at Lt La Trobe St, Melbourne 

Photos from iPhone3GS edited via Camera+ and Instagram