Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Complete Circle...

... of being on a hiatus from the Wondergram!

Salam and Hello :)

It was exactly a year ago that I did my last post.  Funny enough, it was about my attempt to do the #366photoproject, which by right, I would have completed.  Keyword: "would have". I got only as far as the end of February! Haha... so much for 366 days! But that's alright, I'm not kicking myself about it, as it was just a fun project and there was no rules.  Maybe that could be the reason, there was no rules at all.  I found some IG friends who did the similar photo-a-day project following #fatmumslim's IG monthly photo list, which came out to be pretty neat!  Chantelle from FatMumSlim (yes, you read it right, Fat-Mum-Slim and not Fat-Muslim, hehe) made a list of photos to be taken daily as a simple guide for those wanting to do the project.  I decided to join the fun again, this time aiming to go beyond February (haha) and who knows, complete the whole year :)  As if tak cukup-cukup challenge, I'm also doing the #stickygramaday , again, just for the fun of it, while I'm in the mood and on a roll here! Woot! Over sikit starting new year takpe lah kan...

As the quote goes:

Bricks in Huanglongxi, Sichuan Province, China. May 2012.
A simple quote that I found in my 2012 organizer, yet strong enough to motivate me to start over (and this also goes back to running as I've been very and I mean verrrrryyyyy lazy in that department for the past 2 months).

I haven't planned what to blog, but the mood to blog has definitely come back.  Instagram seems to have taken over the world by the clicks and it has become THE portal to do visual microblogs (even took me away from Tumblring).  But it's fun.  Whatever suits to release a bit of the daily work day routines (and stress) right?

Well, in good spirits of re-starting for the new year, and hopefully not overthinking about writing and blogging, here are some pics from my Instagram.  The photos for the challenges are there in between the other snapshots... but it's always nice to see the week goes by in thumbnails :)

til then, have a wonderful tomorrow ;)