Thursday, July 14, 2011

Scanning Mementos

This is a postcard that I bought at National Museum of Australia in Canberra, from our Melbourne-Canberra-Sydney road trip last year.  It’s an aluminium three-berth caravan, built in 1956.

I recently discovered a new liking for scanning objects, especially small cards.  There's something nice (and somewhat exciting I must say) about having the surface of the cards faced down directly on the scanner and then seeing how they turn out on the scanner.  I find that it is not the same as photographing them (as what I would usually do).

Here are some recent scans. Hello again, good old scanner ;)

“What goes around, comes around” : When we joined Ride-On-Dinner in 2009, they gave each of us this little card to put in between our bike rims.

My sister sent me this postcard when she was visiting Paris earlier this year.  Classic :)


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  2. Salam. Thanks for dropping by. What kind of sharing/info are you looking for ya? I suppose I can informally share bits and pieces of my own experience doing phd. Is this for any research/consultancy project?