Friday, September 23, 2011

A Cafe by the Beach

A while back, we visited this cafe that was located along the beach in Middle Park, called Sandbar Beach Cafe.   We have driven and walked passed by it a couple of times before.  The white architecture with large clear windows that allow you to see through the cafe right to the beach looked really nice and appealing, that we just had to give this cafe a visit.

And once we were in, we were not disappointed at all.  The cafe was lit with lots of natural sunlight (a reason of why a photo at this angle turned dark), and the timber interior in white and natural earth were indeed a great match for the by-the-beach concept.  I would have no problem sitting at this cafe all day long, looking out to the waters, while sipping some drinks and just relax...

We didn't spend the whole day there obviously, but I did have my glass of iced coffee and a taste of their flourless orange cake.  The best of all, visiting this cafe with my husband felt like we were on brief holiday, which was truly nice :)  Must remember to visit a cafe like this again for that vacation-feel when it's not really vacation.

Have you got a place that gives you that being-on-a-holiday feel too?


  1. Salam Kayla,

    I suka that vacation-feeling too eventho it's not even a vacation.. therapeutic and save $$..he he kat SG ni ade gak spot2 yg provide feeling2 gitu..

  2. Salam RC :) exactly kan? sometimes all we need is to get away from our usual routine (a.k.a home and work place), even for several hours. do blog about places like that in SG k nanti! boleh i vacation secara virtual pulak hehe... oh but i do miss streams and rivers yg macam sungai2 kat malaysia tu...

  3. Kayla,

    Takpe, kita make-do ape yg ade kat tempat orang nih... dgr bunyi ombak laut je lah dulu ;p I jrg amik street photos, one day nanti i share.. Si Adam ni, org nak pegang kamera, dia pun nak ;p

    anyway, i love all the posted photos.. keep it coming will ya..