Saturday, October 15, 2011

Gorgeous Friday Evening in Melbourne

This was how Friday evening went.  The weather was just gorgeous. The gentle warm breeze that is not too hot nor was it cold - perfect.  I've learned that when you get a weather like this in Melbourne, you just have to drop everything that you're doing, go outside and immerse yourself in it while it lasts.  As predictably inconsistent the Melbourne weather is, it's expected to shower the whole day today, which is Saturday.  We had a very early dinner at a fish & chippery, and opted to sit outdoors on the sidewalk as the weather was just way too nice to be sitting indoors.  It's amazing how the timber table and bench make eating so much pleasurable, of course, also contributed by colours of the green salad served with the grilled fish and brown rice.  After that, we walked to the park right next to the street.  It has truly been a while since I last sat in a park, and just sat there with my husband.  Trees around you.. the evening sun beaming through the leaves... poetic.  No wonder writers like to go into the woods and be near nature to find solace and peace.  Because for that moment, at least for that moment, there are much bigger things around you.  You get to slow down.  And you get to really breathe.

Photos from iPhone3GS edited via Camera+ and Instagram


  1. Looks like you were in my neck of the (Melbourne) woods! I love Carlton... Was the weather gorgeous last night & today? x

  2. It does sound like a perfect evening! Great pics! ;)

    Hope you have a fab weekend!


  3. Mel, the weather was so warm and nice today in Melbourne, but as you know, it goes on and off. But i think we'll be seeing some real Spring very soon :)

    Miki, it was indeed a great evening! Always good to have some beautiful memories (and photos) to come back to whenever the day is 'just ok' :)