Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Morning Walk-Jog-Photog

Photos | iPhone3GS, touched up in PS Express

My husband went out for a run this morning, and I decided to join in for a "walk-jog-and-photog" along the way.  The weather was quite nice, cool and breezy... and because it was about 10 am already, the sidewalks were pretty quiet as everyone else were probably at work (except for us because we decided to have a day off from going to work today).  What I truly enjoy about the neighbourhood here is how the sidewalks are well connected and how the houses and apartments vary in their design.  You'd be walking and passing by different facades, different walls and different gates.  There's a mixture of older and newer designs, of houses and of apartments, and the variation makes the neighbourhood an interesting one.  This is probably possible because the plot of lands are smaller, which are owned and developed by different owners and developers - as opposed to one developer owning a large plot of land and building houses that look alike.  The mixed development, rather than a cluster of similar types of building design, seems to give the neighbourhoods a richer character, at least as how I see and experience it.  I am definitely going to miss this neighbourhood... especially when the leaves and petals fall down to the sidewalks.


  1. hey kayla...nice new layout...i like!

  2. hey there aida... thanks! i pun suka this layout... (for now) haha... :)