Monday, April 25, 2011

Albums for Wondergrams

Since we are entitled to 80 FREE prints EVERY MONTH for ONE YEAR from Camera House, photos have never been so tangible.  Choosing photos to print and arranging them in albums are now our monthly activity.  Last month, I printed 50 Wondergrams - a collection of my everyday photos that are mostly from iPhone (while there are some that were from my Olympus and my husband’s Nikon which have been Instagrammed or LomoLomoed).  I would have opted for matte paper, but the free prints only entitled us for the glossy prints.  Still good, as long as they are free ;)

I was thinking of crafting a square album from scratch, like one of those small albums for polaroids and instant prints.  But while looking for papers and materials in Officeworks, I found this 4R album for only AUD1.00.  Since the Wondergrams are 4x4, they’d fit just nicely, but with gaps at the top and bottom.  So I thought adding hand-written captions for each photo would be able to fill these gaps, and furthermore, become personalized notes about each photo.

Then I saw this stack graph paper for only like AUD1.50 and thought I might be able to put it into some good use.  Even if I didn’t, I haven’t used graph paper in ages, and that would be a nice change to scribble some research notes.  As it turns out, I still have an unused self-adhesive book cover at home.  And before you know it, the idea for the album came together.

Put it the photos, hand-write some notes about it, and there we have it: an album for Wondergrams :)

I wrapped the cover of the album with the graph paper and the self-adhesive book cover, so that the whole theme would be similar.

And whaddya know, less than AUD2.00 for a customized wondergram album!

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