Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Joy in Crafting a Mail

That one night, I was preparing the wondergrams (wrapped in yellow) to be posted to Malaysia to Aim (we swapped photos that we took) and New York (to my sister, which by the way, has it arrived? And don’t forget to mail me some of your photos too ye).

I liked assembling the packs, as it involved stamping letters on the paper with rubber stamps, folding, gluing, and writing names and addresses on the envelopes.  And with the dim desk lamp, it felt like I was working in some kind of old toy workshop.  That was nice.

Receiving things in the mail is a lot of fun too :)

Thank you Aim for the lovely photos and gift :)


  1. Oh! really beautiful! I would be very happy if you received an email like that :D
    I think I have to try to do it :D

  2. oh i really want your alphabet rubber stamps!

  3. it's always great to receive nice things in the mail once in a while, instead of official letters and bills, right ;)

    kak sue, the rubber stamps are from kikki K. kat singapore ada shop dia i rasa. malaysia not yet.