Sunday, May 8, 2011

And then season changes...

Photos were shot from Diana Mini, using Expired Fuji Sensia 100, Xpro

It's true that people say in Melbourne you can get four seasons in one day.  Especially in Spring and Autumn, it can get from warm and sunny to cold and cloudy in few hours.  In the first photo, I was trying to capture the rain, which made the photo somewhat overexposed, or maybe it did rain as heavily as that.  The second photo is State Library of Victoria during one of those sunny yet cool day.  It's definitely one of my favourite kinds of weather: sunny, breezy and cool.  The last photo is somewhere near where we live, and you can already see visible signs of Autumn with the leaves changing colours, while some are already falling to the ground.  Coming from a country that is generally warm or wet all year-round, we can't help but to just be amazed by the changing season here.  But even so, in Malaysia you can notice some trees blooming beautifully during that time of the year when it feels a bit hotter than usual.  Then, you can notice some trees like Tecoma and Lagerstroemia to start flowering, and it looks just gorgeous.  I'm definitely looking forward to capture some of that when I get back.

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