Wednesday, May 4, 2011

the city, the clouds and some tulips

These are some of the shots from my first roll using Diana Mini.
It's quite nice to not know how the photos were going to turn out.
But I'm glad that most of them turned out pretty alright :)

Expired Fuji Sensia 100, Xpro, Diana Mini


  1. kak sue pun ada 1 toy camera, filem x habis2 entah cemana ler gaya gambarnya nnt.

    btw, i like the 1st gambar sangat2!

  2. that's the thing about analog camera, we give more thoughts to what we want to shoot so tu la mcm lambat habis! heheh but, mmg akan rasa nak habiskan sbb nak tau how they turn out. and really kak sue, they are full of surprises! :) it seems that quite a few ppl suka that first gambar too. thanks!