Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Of the city and the rain

I’m currently at my husband’s workplace, a landscape architecture studio in the city.  Isn’t this just one of the best view to do work?  Large windows… the city skyline… gosh, I’m really going to miss this daily city life.  Back home, I don’t work in the middle of the city, but in a university campus environment surrounded by hills and city fringe suburbs (which is actually nice and peaceful).

I haven’t driven to work for more than 3 years now.  Previously, it was either me driving to the uni where I teach, which was only about 10 minutes away from home, or my husband would send/pick me up when he didn’t have meetings or site visits out of the city.  Here, most of the time, he’d only drive on weekends or occasionally on weekdays whenever we have to use the car.  On most days, it’s “Thank you, Mr/Ms Tram Driver!”.  Although lately, since last month after doing my final writing from home for a month, I have been ‘less interested’ in taking the tram to the city.  Since then, we’ve been driving to the city and going out from home earlier than usual to get the early bird parking rates (which still equates the total tram tickets for two persons).  But as with most driving, there’s always the traffic jam when going and coming back.  Let’s call it ‘a practice of getting used to traffic jam before we actually have to endure one on a daily basis when we go back home’.  I haven’t even gone back yet, but shall we decide to live not so close to my workplace, the thought of having to drive (or even sitting on the passenger seat) through a traffic jam already feels exhausting.  Is that even possible, to think and get exhausted?  I think it is, and I shall not dwell on it, which may make me drown in a mental snowball that I don’t need at this moment.

Nonetheless, I have definitely enjoyed our stay here in Melbourne.  Sounds like a farewell entry to Melbourne, doesn’t it… but not just yet.  I still have several months left to finish what I have to finish here, and enjoy our last months here.  I should really do a specific “wondergram” project as an ode to Melbourne before I go back… say, for instance, snapshots of my favourite places?  Or places/corners/streets that meant something to me?  What say you, any suggestions?  Well, til then, let’s embrace the present, shall we :)

Later today, it started to rain... oh dear rain.

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  1. I want to be an architecture :) and this studio it's so beautiful! :D

  2. Oh, I know what you mean! Now that I'm living in California I totally embrace the quietness of being surrounded by the mountains, but being from Buenos Aires, I really do miss the city.

    Btw, I wanna eat that pastry that's on the desk, hehe :p.