Saturday, September 24, 2011

Oh Flowers, Flowers! Where art thou?

When I was little, I used to think that flowers are only for moms and adults.  Flowers have always been around... in the yard, in the pots, on prints of clothing and bags, in drawing books, even on bed sheet and pillow cases.  But as a kid, I didn't know how to appreciate flowers, other than associating them with being a girl and wanting some flowery patterns on my pencil cases and stickers (alongside those hearts and stars, of course!)

My grandmother has always loved flowers, as long as I can remember.  Maybe because her name is 'Zahrah' which also means 'flower' in Arabic.  Whenever she's up for a visit to our house or going on a trip somewhere, she'd always remind us that she can't stay long because no one will attend to her garden of orchids.  I think I had once thought in my mind, 'aww come on tokwan, flowers over your grandchildren???'  My grandma must have loved her flowers that much! But I know she loves us all dearly too :)  I think my mother must have taken after my grandma, as she too loves her flowers and plants.

When I was in my teenage years, I thought flowers were a bit 'icky'... like a bouquet of flowers would always be associated with a very 'mushy' or 'lovey dovey' kind of thing (back then, the expression would be like, 'eiiuuewwww' right?).  I'm sure some of you know what this feeling was like.

But then, as I grew older, and becoming a woman and adult, I understand why my grandmother and my mother were fond of flowers.  Flowers are beautiful and delicate.  And if we look closely, there's perfection in each little flower, what ever kinds it may be.  I remember going to this landscape architecture and design conference, and there was a presenter who talked about 'fractal geometry' (you can google up some images of 'fractal geometry in nature' and you'll find amazing stuff).  The perfection, ratio and balance of how things of nature are created and formed are just beautiful and amazing, Subhanallah.  They are proofs that these are creations by God.  I think after that I never looked at flowers and vegetables the same way again... I mean just look at broccoli and cauliflower, or even leaves... beautifully composed bunches of florets, from big to small to super tiny ones.

And of course, when flowers are given by the ones you love (read: husband), there's nothing to squirm about, but to just be oh-so-delighted about it!  I consider lilies as "our" flowers, as they were the first bouquet that my then-friend-now-husband gave me on my graduation day.  They were the flowers that we had on our wedding day as well.  Lilies smell nice... and there's something soft yet strong about them :)

These are lilies that my husband gave me on my recent birthday in August.
I was thrilled to check them out everyday to see them bloom right in our living room.
(Taken with instagram)

 This is a bouquet of Freesias that our friends gave us earlier this month. 
I love the delicate petals and the rainbow wrapper!
(Taken with instagram)

I have grown to appreciate flowers and love looking at them.  Call me a late 'bloomer', but receiving flowers is indeed one of the loveliest feeling a woman can have.  Flowers don't have to be expensive, but the thoughts that come with those flowers are priceless.

Flowers are beautiful, and they symbolize beautiful things... and who does not love beautiful things?

So how about you?  Any flower stories to share? :)

p/s: Spring is here in Melbourne.  More reasons to fall in love with flowers.


  1. Here in Spain is Autum, I want Spring! :) heheh, I adore flowers too, my best friend's mum has garden with lots of flowers, she loves flowers! :D, and as you said, flowers are so beautiful specially when they come from from that special person!

  2. Salam there Laila :) What does Autumn look like in Spain? I actually do love Autumn... always make me feel all cozy inside... but yes, Spring is beautiful! Sunny days with cool breeze are the best!