Friday, February 4, 2011

Books: slanting, sitting, standing

Images | books currently around my table in my workstation
Camera | Olympus PEN
Edit | Photoshop, Curves: adjusted Red, Blue and RGB
(it's fun playing around with this edit to see the possible results that you might get)

I've read some, browsed some, cited some, but sure got a lot more to dig into!
Share me the books around your table? :)


  1. Hi Kayla.

    gosh most of my books are in the midst of being transported back to Malaysia! I'm reading the The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo. I'm know most ppl have finished with that book.

    Anyway, which is the link to your 30days challenge? I wish I am as rajin to edit pictures! Hehe.


  2. Hi Mimi, I think I've seen the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo at Borders. I haven't read that one. Good, so far? My 30-day challenge kat (i somehow find editing pictures a bit therapeutic (or is it a good "distraction" sebenarnya, i pun tak sure. although it does tend to be addictive!)