Sunday, February 20, 2011

Coffee Culture

I've only started to get into the coffee culture since we've been here in Melbourne.  For one thing, you can't find Teh O Ais Limau (ice lemon tea using lime), Teh Ais (ice tea with milk) or Teh Tarik (hot milk tea with froth) as easily as we can find them in Malaysia.  There are Malaysian shops in Melbourne, but you'll definitely find more coffee shops around.  The price of a cup of coffee here can be considered equivalent to buying Teh Tarik in Malaysia - as long as you don't convert the currency.  So it's nothing fancy really, it's just a cup of coffee to replace a cup of hot milk tea.  But the coffee here - referring to a cafe latte (coffee and milk) is better than those that you can get at Starbucks in Malaysia.  It's probably the coffee that they use and the fresh milk too.  I will not compare latte or cappuccino with Kopi Susu or Nescafe Tarik, because the former is the western version, while the latter is the Malaysian version.  I like them equally, according to where I am.

If you're the kind of person that enjoy having a drink at the cafe, or sitting outdoors in the evening, you'll surely do the same wherever you are.

 I spotted this man and a boy sitting at the table by the street drinking milk tea and coffee on a nice evening last week.  It's always nice to be outdoors when the weather is good, right?
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Doing some brainstorming at the cafe is also something I find enjoyable, provided that you're not in the middle of a large, noisy crowd.  It's a good change of environment from the office.
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And sometimes the barista might surprise you with something cute in your cup!
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