Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Turn your photos into wonders!

I love using instant photo filters when taking snapshots from my phone.  They help me to add certain moods for that snapshot.  iPhone users are pretty lucky that there's heaps of photo editing applications.  My favourites are Instagram and Hipstamatic.  But I know not all phones can use these filters.  Recently I found out from a new blog-friend, Ms Aim that she's been using picplz for some of her snapshots.  And I've always thought how easy it would be to use art filters for photos from the computer, without the hassle of manually editing in Photoshop or using the limited iPhoto editing tools.  I just love looking at Aim's snapshots that I just had to ask her what she uses.

Well, question answered :) There's an online application called Picnik.  As it turns out, I've registered for this account two years back already and have totally forgotten about it!  It's free and there's tons of really cool filters.  You know how some photos have that very warm fuzzy retro look?  Well you can now do them too!  Or you've always liked photos with a lomo effect? Take your pick and mix-and-match the filters as you wish.  I tried one last night, so here's the outcome.

Image | Fruit Stall at Rundle Mall, Adelaide
Camera | Olympus PEN

Edit | picnik.com
Filters | vignette, 1960, cross-processed

Try it out, you'll definitely get hooked to it.  Editing has never been so easy! :)


  1. thank you!!! definitely trying this one out soon!

  2. i used to edit photos with picnik. its the easiest. however, i switched to the god of photoshops: adobe. haha. i used premade actions i can find in the net.

  3. so is that like premade filters for adobe photoshop? choosing editing modes can feel like doing online shopping - addictive and so much to choose from! ;)

  4. it's addictive right? :)

    i used to edit all the new and old photos i had with me. just to feed my addiction. :D