Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Glenelg Beach, Adelaide

It was a sunny yet cool evening, and we were waiting for the sun to set.
The ferris wheel was not operating that time but the colours of each passenger car created a vibrant contrast against the clear blue sky.  The beach sand was very fine and soft, and we can see this from the trace of possibly thousands of footsteps.


  1. Ahh tatau pun dah ada blogspot! YEayyyy sebab ada writing boleh baca. Oh my Lilah ku, cantik sgt the color here. Is there any editing or is this just plain natural???

  2. chik! yeay u found me here :) i guess blogspot mcm more suitable for writing like this kot, while tumblr more fun for short entries n lotsaaaa photos :) these pics mmg ada a bit of editing, that's why the sky looks a bit turquoise. but, the sky here mmg kalau takde clouds, mmg super blue, Subhanallah, mmg cantik!