Monday, February 28, 2011

Storm Water Pipes as Creative Urban Installation by Urfun Lab

I stumbled upon this design article via

It's a simple and creative improvisation of a mundane (or sometimes left-over) infrastructure like the storm water pipe into a catchy design for the street.  This public art installation is not a formal project commissioned by the city or anything like that.  It was done spontaneously by urfun lab, a group of young professionals ranging from architects, urban designers, graphic designers, landscape architects, to event managers.  They are just a group of people who love to have fun with their city, and decided to spice up the street with some colours on a lazy Sunday morning.

On first glance, I thought they painted the inside of the pipes, but it turns out that it's just the diffused lights from the colourful cellophane.  And that's all that they did - taped the transparent coloured cellophane to the back of the pipes and then the sun did the rest. 

All images are reblogged from the website.

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