Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cook Books

For someone who likes buying books, cookbooks are definitely in the list.  Although books that have amazing photos and styles of food are very much alluring, I find that what closes the deal between browsing and purchasing is actually the recipes themselves.  If I find that the recipes in the book are 'do-able', if the ingredients that are used are easily available, if the food in the book are those that I like or would love to try, and if the price of the book is not ridiculously expensive, then there's definitely a potential purchase.  It is no doubt that you can find almost a recipe for anything on the internet nowadays, but having a cookbook adds a bit more of that seriousness in cooking or baking, or at least for amateurs like me (not that cooking or baking ever have to be serious though).  When following recipes, I like to have them in front of me on the kitchen counter, looking at them step by step, measure by measure.  And I still love the idea of having a physical hard-copy of recipes just like our moms have it.

Cupcake Recipe Book | purchased at one of those bargain stash at the mall
Jamie Oliver | bought at the Sunday Market for more than half of the original price (in new condition)
Turqoise A4 Notebook | My own collection of hand-written/copied recipes
(Not in photo | RASA Magazine I bought from Malaysia)
Photo | Olympus PEN, desaturated edit


  1. NIce text :) and now I want to buy one of these books :)
    and the idea of having "a physical hard-copy of recipes just like our moms have it."( as you say in the text) it isn't bad. Maybe when I 20 or 23 years I try to do it. why 20 or 23, because now i have to think on my studies. hehehe

  2. thanks laila. cooking/baking/kitchen stuff is nothing to rush about. i wasn't at all 'smooth' in that department either in my early twenties, as i was also living in the uni's hostel. and my mom has always been the one who cooked in the kitchen, while us children just EAT, hehe. i think i only got the hang of cooking and baking after i got married when i was 25. some of my friends have probably started cooking mom-kinda-recipes at earlier age! i guess it'll naturally come to you once you have to do it :) and believe me, it's a learning process