Sunday, January 16, 2011

Saturday Sights

You know how sometimes you've been to the same places many times but there's always things to see? Melbourne is very much that.  There's always something to see, something to hear, and even something to smell at times.

Today is finally sunny and everyone is out walking in the city (well I'm sure there are lots others who would probably be inside a shopping mall, or at the beach, or at the park, or even at home).

Here are some familiar sights of Melbourne, especially on weekends.

The Guy Who Spray Paints

Now this guy have been around doing his artwork off and on since last year, or was it since the year before that.  He paints using spray paints, and uses bowls and bottles as templates for the shapes that he want to make.  He does his painting in layers, spraying different colours, then he'll scrape them off, and scratch or peel each different layer.  Really, it does create such interesting effect.  Always nice to stop just for a bit and have a look at what he's painting.

The Horses in the City

Then, there are horses in the city.  As much as Melbourne is an everyday city, it is very much a tourist city as well.  I haven't ridden in one of those coaches yet, but I'm very sure it would be a different experience riding a horse carriage.  You can see horses walk side by side the cars and trams on a daily basis here in Melbourne.  But since it's a Saturday, the carriages all lined up waiting for passengers.

The Guy with the Mohawk who plays Chess

I'm assuming that he will play against anyone who wishes to play with him. Those guys at the back were street dancing.  This one guy was like doing one of those moves and spinning on the floor, and then while he was turning, or shall I say "churning", he accidently knocked off of the the chess piece.  And his crowd was clapping!  A pretty active space where on one spot the players were thinking of strategic moves, while the other side was actively dancing.

If any readers ever want to visit Melbourne, there's more about this city here at Walk Walk Melbourne.

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