Saturday, January 8, 2011

Personalized Wall Piece

How often do you change your wall piece?  Do you change the photos/contents in your living room picture frame from time to time?

Thinking about replacing the wall piece is truly a fun idea, but sometimes to get to doing it somehow seems to be the last thing in our 'to do' list.  When the truth is, it will only take you about 10 to 15 minutes to get the frame down, replace the photo, clean the frame and hang it back on the wall.

I usually delay changing my wall piece until I get a new idea of what to display next.  But if you at least keep the thought of that wall piece somewhere in the back of your mind, the next time you stumble upon some nice idea, you'll surely get to it.

I've changed the wall piece our the living room 3 times already.  All of these are very simple ideas, and cost very low.  The only investment is a bit of time and maybe a masking tape.

 Image | Autumn Leaves
Method | Collect leaves from outside, lay them flat on the glass, and frame

Image | Fake Grass Carpet
Method | Bought this bargain A4 piece fake grass, and cut into a square

This is our latest wall piece.

Image | My iPhone Photo Prints
Method | Print photos at the photo shop, trim the edges into squares, and arrange in the frame

And here is our favourite wall piece of all, and the first personalized frame we made.  We bought the frame from IKEA at the As-Is Bargain Corner for AUD10.00 (~RM30.00), as it had a loose edge.  That was such a great price since the original price for a frame as large as this is around AUD30-50 maybe, I can't recall.  At first we just filled it with postcards as temporary feature.  And I was still waiting for the 'right' thing to be displayed in it.

In the mean time, I have been collecting our daily tram cards here in Melbourne.  We didn't throw them away as we kind of thought we might have a use for them one day, or at least as some memorabilia of our daily routines here.  (They were even too precious to us to be recycled).  Then on the day that marked our one-year of being here, the idea came - to frame the tram tickets.

Image | Melbourne Tram Ticket Collections: July 2008-July 2009
Method | Collect tickets, arrange them so the colours spread out,
and tape the back to make sure the tickets stay put

A personalized wall piece does not have to cost a lot, but they will surely be worth a lot when we do it ourselves.  It's nice to look at them and remember the memories behind each piece.