Wednesday, March 2, 2011

La Dolce Italia Festival

Coincidentally, we stumbled upon an Italian Festival at Lygon St last Sunday while going out for a Nasi Lemak lunch in the city.  Lygon St is synonymous to its Italian communities here in Melbourne.  There are many street cafes, trees lined up in the middle, coffee shops, pizza and dining, and even some Asian cafes tucked in between them.  It's a nice sight to walk-by or even drive-by because it is just vibrant and active, and most importantly, full with people especially at night.  Unfortunately, it rained that morning and by the time the second day of the festival was supposed to start at 1 pm, things weren't as active as festival ought to be.  Nonetheless, we took the opportunity to stroll through the festival and have coffee while we were there.  (Italy again, it's a sign, don't you think?)

and what could be sweeter than seeing kids holding their balloons so dearly :)

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