Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another Fun iPhone App: LomoLomo

What could be more fun than those awesome photo app that makes regular snapshots turn into great ones? ANOTHER FREE photo app!  Over the weekend, I stumbled upon an iPhone app called LomoLomo.  It's a lomography-like app that comes with one FREE Diana camera, 4 lenses and 4 films (something like the Hipstamatic, but this one is F R E E).

I love the colours that they produce, especially when you have enough natural lighting.  Here are some of my wondergrams from LomoLomo.

All 3 images shot from LomoLomo

All 3 in this collage are also shot using LomoLomo,
then arranged in Diptic.

There was an exhibition on Diana (the name of that particular type of lomo camera), and ironically (or not) I shot these snapshots using the Diana camera in the LomoLomo app.


  1. love the second and the third photos! they're amazing and the effect is so beautiful! :D

  2. thanks Laila :) i just bought a real Diana Mini lomo camera. We'll we see very soon if it gives the same effect as these iphone ones