Sunday, March 20, 2011

Learning Origami: Lilies in a Verdi Vase

Having done a lot of work on the computer and in digital format nowadays, I still yearn to do something manual with things of different materials.  I suppose that's where baking, buying a film camera, cutting/tying/taping things, and constantly brainstorming and jotting down stuff in a notebook with a pen come into the everyday routine.  The experience of doing something tangible like stirring, folding, holding, doodling, jotting, etc can never ever be replaced by anything digital.

I've never learned Origami before, other than the basic boats, boxes and little stars that I made during my primary school years.  I started folding and cutting some stuff again since I began experimenting with my mapping projects last two years; and I was reminded of the feel that you get when you do something crafty with your hands - the feeling of "actual making".  I don't think I'm near 'crafty' by any means, but doing things like these is like a relaxing therapy of some sort - where I get to achieve a small goal within minutes or hours in the midst of my bigger goals or tasks.

I finally found a book on Origami yesterday at the bargain book stall at the mall.  Presenting... Origami Lilies in a Verdi Vase.

Origami | Lilies and Verdi Vase
Book | "Everything Origami"
Publisher | Hinkler Books, Australia


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  2. i used to pick up origami before, thanks to my mum for the exposure. ;) and it's kinda cool to actually transform from just a piece of paper into something beautiful. and yours, it's absolutely beautiful. :)

  3. Thanks Rabia. I'm already listed in the SistersWhoBlog Network. You can join it too if you haven't already done so :)

    I'm enjoying Origami too Aim, tapi baru buat sikit je la... had some friends over and even had them to do some origami. Turned out to be a great activity for guests! (rasa mcm little kids a pulak kan, hehe) I'm excited to do some dinosaurs next!