Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Look-Up Monday: This Week Photo Theme - "Look Up"

Last week I gave myself a photo task which was to post photos in black and white.  It's just for the fun of it and if you want to join, do so! It'll be great to see same themes of photos across different blogs.  So this week, it's about "looking up".  So here's Look-Up Monday.

 Photo | Flinders St Station, Cnr Swanston St & Flinders St
Camera | iPhone3GS on LomoLomo

I rarely look up above the buildings when I’m walking on the street. There’s just so much life on the street that things above are often left to be seen from far. That, with the exception of clouds, of course. How we all love clouds… So this week, I’ll be looking up. It’s fun to see that when you look up to take photos of mundane places, some people get curious to look up too :)

Photo | (I don't know this one, so I'll need to find out), Cnr of Swanston St and Collins St
Camera | iPhone3GS on LomoLomo

*the last time I looked up to take photos sometimes a year back I saw a red shirt on a tree! You never know what you might find in places that you rarely look...


  1. What a great blog! I couldn't help but rummage through it! Will be checking in often, I love love your candid photos!

  2. TQ Daniela. I enjoy ur vibrant photos too :)