Thursday, March 24, 2011

B&W (very early) Thursday: Sunflower Seeds

I received a forwarded email from my friend with images of sunflower seeds in a place that looks like a warehouse.  As it turns out, that warehouse is actually a hall at Tate Modern in London, a gallery for International Modern and Contemporary Art.  The millions of sunflower seeds that you will see in these links are not real sunflower seeds.  They are hand-made porcelain sunflower seeds that make up the art installation of artist Ai Weiwei.  Take a look at the images here at designboom, then watch this video at Tate Modern to see the process that goes behind the making of this installation.  I find it pretty amazing how an art installation in a gallery actually has a process that involved a whole town and created job opportunities for the community.

These, however, are NOT porcelain sunflower seeds.
(my husband likes them!)

Photo | Olympus PEN, shot in colour then edited to B&W


  1. You, my friend, take really good pictures. Gambar kuaci pun boleh jadi cantik kalau tau cara nak tangkap gambar. MashaAllah. Thumbs up! :D

  2. Well Thank You! the funny thing is that I put myself a task to post B&W photos this week (sendiri suruh diri sendiri). Kuaci seemed to suit the theme well, don't you think? ;)