Friday, March 4, 2011

Fruitful Friday #1: Sending Peace & Blessings to the Prophet

A sister from my Uni starts forwarding 'Friday text message' to me today.  Here's a copy of her text, what I now call "Fruitful Friday".
Did you know that:
Sending peace and blessings to the prophet (PBUH) on Fridays has been especially emphasized.  Abu Dardar narrated that the Prophet (PBUH) said: "Invoke blessings on me abudantly on the day of Jum'ah for it is witnessed.  The angels attend it, and none invokes blessings on me but his supplication is presented to me till he stops."  I asked whether that applied also after his death, and he replied: "Allah has prohibited the Earth from consuming the bodies of the prophets; so Allah's prophets are alive and given provision..." [Ibn Majah]

It's Friday: Read Surah Al-Kahf, make Du'a especially the last hour before Maghrib... and smile... it's Sunnah :)
 Share the Friday vibe :)

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