Sunday, March 27, 2011

Macarons by Colour Confections

As words spread among friends that my husband makes Macarons, we started to receive two orders end of last week.  Alhamdulillah! We never seriously thought about selling them... until now.  My husband enjoys making them and he's getting better by the batch of macarons he makes!  I, on the other hand, joined in by designing the label, helped to brainstorm some ideas on packaging, and putting up a page for Colour Confections.

So here goes.  Say "Hello!" to Macarons by Colour Confections :) Now open for orders in Melbourne.

If you're in Melbourne, hop on to Colour Confections for further information.
If you're in Malaysia, you'll have to wait until we come back for good... :)


  1. I want to taste macaroons, I see them in many blogs but I didn't taste it, and I can't taste them because here in spain, or especially here in my city there aren't any :(

  2. they look absolutely delishh!!! and the packaging is super lovely. u both are very talented indeed! i'd buy em if i am there!

  3. Laila, there's no macarons in Spain? that means u gotta make some and sell them there! :) but it would definitely help to taste one first. they are sweet, crispy outer the shell and chewy in the inside.

    diya's mom: thanks! thanks! thanks! :) i have a thing for colourful stripes... the colours look just like candy don't they!

  4. Kayla,

    I love the packaging and your husband made those macarons??!! you're one lucky girl ;) smooth shell macaron, well done mr husband!

  5. RC, thanks! yes, he sure did... the shells, the ganache, and even hand-cut the boxes. talk about being technical! i can only suggest colours and flavours :)