Monday, March 21, 2011

B&W Monday: Tiny Wondergrams

In the spirit of posting black & white photos this week, here's a collection of my tiny wondergram prints with the tiny coat hanger paper clips.

As in the tips given in DPS, I took the photo in colour and then turned it into black & white using a simple photo editor.

For these small prints, I was inspired by Typo's Message in a Box.  They hung these little prints using tiny clothing pegs on a string at the shop for the display.  How cute right?

 From TYPO


  1. aaaaa. love it! :) anyway what simple photo editor that u used dear?

  2. for this black & white i just use Mac's Photo Preview's Adjust Colour mode, something like Microsoft Office Picture Manager in Windows. I'm gonna post a pic of what inspired my little prints ni

  3. i love the cute little hanger paper clips. Cuteness!

  4. they are cute, aren't they :) they come in a little jar! p/s: kikki.K has lots of really cute stuff. it's like going to a candy store for me